Glass Hardware


The MUNDUS corner fitting series captivates due to its inspiring design, high-quality materials, and its meticulous workmanship. The fittings forego visible connecting elements between the base body and the cap as a design element. Thanks to its continuous, multi-dimensional adjustability, the door can quickly and easily be aligned when installed.  It makes installation exceptionally easy!


Thanks to a wide range of basic shapes and variants, the UNIVERSAL patch fitting program allows for the implementation of nearly any conceivable toughened glass design. As a result, toughened glass systems can be equipped with many differently arranged solid parts, fin fittings and corner fittings in every desired angle degree and with double-action and single-action doors in 1 and 2-leaf versions. It’s a true jack-of-all-trades!


The UNIVERSAL Arcos patch fittings offer diversity with many variations: Corner and connection fittings for skylights and side parts, fin fittings for exceptionally large-shaped systems – the arch shape of the Arco Design was ideally implemented for every fitting type. The comprehensive fitting program offers flexible use for equipping 24 possible standard variants in toughened glass assemblies. The fittings’ innovative clips technology allows for the caps to be fastened to the base body virtually invisibly. Experience pays off: UNIVERSAL Arcos takes on any challenge with a solution.

BEYOND Anti-Pinch Swing Door System

The unique BEYOND system for glass doors is safe, functional and attractive. Characterized by its systematic design and clear styling lines, DORMA BEYOND enables you to build frameless swing glass doors into tempered glass assemblies and wall openings.

  • Secure, safe and functional
  • Enables building of frameless glass swing doors
  • Variety of options
  • Prevents the risk of trapped fingers

EA Patch fittings

The EA patch fittings stand out due to their small size and the sleek design of their band parts. The program includes many different models and allows for a technically and visually perfect design of all kinds of glass single-action doors – doors installed in frames along with doors integrated into toughened glass assemblies. The fittings are designed in a way that one can easily and quickly create the required glass cutouts and holes.

  • Easy glass preparation and secure fixing
  • High-quality materials and solid workmanship for a long service life
  • Free choice of surface and color
  • 180° door opening angle

DORMA TP/TA Door Rails

The TP/TA door and side panel rails coordinate with all DORMA patch fittings in terms of design, dimensions and the finishes available.

  • For heavy-duty and wide doors
  • Special security and quality features
  • Easy door adjustment
  • Reliability buit in
  • Short delivery times

DORMA MANET Compact/Concept

Thanks to the flexible modularity of the system, DORMA MANET offers architects and specifiers a free hand in creative almost bespoke design with space, vision and light as a foundation. The basic component is the single-point fixing which is countersunk into the glass and provides for a perfectly flush finish in all applications.

Wall connecting profiles

The wall connecting profiles seal toughened-glass designs to the wall, ceiling and floor in a clean, elegant manner and ensure secure support for side parts and roof lights. Many different materials such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel and many different surfaces offer a premium and attractive look.