UPVC Windows Systems

Legend Casement System

The Legend Casement System was introduced in the second half of 2019. It’s a 80mm, 6 chamber high performance system suitable for Doors, Shop Fronts and Inside Opening / Tilt and turn Windows.

High Performance

With Uf value of just 1.17 W/m2k the Legend system can offer windows /doors with the right combination of glass 52mm (<0.7 W/m2K) for combined Uvalue of the window – Uw less than 1 W/m2K which makes them ideal for Passive Housing.

80mm depth offers possibility of bigger steel reinforcements making the Legend system ideal for Shop Fronts and Bigger Entrance Doors.


Zendow systems

An investment that pays back for you and environment.

Complete Casement solution for your home, office or commercial project. Rounded edged profiles gives a heritage feel to the entire system. 70mmm with 5 chambers makes Zendow a very modern and strong system with high Thermal and Accousitc performances with glass thickness upto 44mm thick. Uf of 1.3W/m2K makes the Zendow a value proposition for Green Buildings, Hotels, commercial offices as well as homes.


Everest Max Systems

Everest Max System is designed in 4 Chambers with a 60 mm frame width and 2 gaskets. Use of TPE gaskets allows the system to be effectively corner welded, providing a strong level of insulation.

Everest Max System has a special inclined design that speeds up water discharge. The system makes it possible to produce special types of windows such as folding doors, parallel sliding, and outward opening etc.

Doors in Max can be outward or inward opening with special Aluminium threshold profile. Multi-point locking with special reinforcement for the Hinges makes them perform better with heavier glasses.