Aristo Wardrobe shuttters


In India, we joined forces with Kelachandra business house with a legacy of over 100 years. This joint venture initiative helps us grow our presence across the country and also extend our boundaries to Srilanka and Bangladesh. Our india team is Lead by four directors and over 80 salesforce and a back-end team of over 250 to provide our customers with a seamless end-to-end Product and Service experience.


Choosing that perfect wardrobe made easy. Explore, imagine, re-create, mix-n-match for the widest design possibilities from our collections. Every collection lets you further experience a wide variety of materials options, finishes and smart profiling solutions.

With Wide range of  customize-able designs like Tesseract, Streaks, Reflections, Glaze, Crystal, Latitude, Mosaic,  Highlight’s, Impression, Classical designs 


Space management is always the biggest challenge when you design your homes or offices. You need dedicated areas that are part of the space yet separated for the rest simply for the practicality or even for just the aesthetics of it. Our ready partitions solutions are perfect for you, with technology that is edgy and solution that are very affordable.

With Wide range of  customize-able designs ans solutions like Swing system, Synchro system, Slide-fold system, Fixed system, Train system. 


Your Monday-to-Friday wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobes are the new age affordable luxury. These wardrobes come with features like ease of use and possibility of customizable space management. It’s simply a new way of thinking away from conventional wardrobes.

Two major systems available wardrobes are shelf system and walking-in wardrobe 


An interesting range of application ideas that can change the way you look at spaces. Our modern systems made of aluminum and metal, allows the creation of various types of furniture, sliding wardrobes, dressing rooms, shelving, kitchens, interior partitions and doors. These range showcases high-quality system profiles and fittings.

Applications that aristo providers include’s : Walk-in wardrobe doors, Kitchen tall storage, Wardrobe sliding doors for cornors, Kitchen storage, Kitchen back-splash, Room partitions, Office/showroom storage, Showcase sliding doors, Crockery cabinet, Wash basin cover